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Dental Implants in Livingston

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Implant Dentistry

Your dream smile exists. Let us help you create it with dental implants.

Same Day Tooth Replacement

Missing a tooth? We are here to help with same day dentistry.

Full Arch Replacement

We are here to help you reinvent your smile and it's function.

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About Our Practice - Livingston, NJ

Affordable Dental Implants

Our Livingston dental implant location is a small quaint office similar to many of the surrounding suburbs in the Essex County area. It is an easy and scenic commute from Newark, about an hour outside of New York City, well worth the drive for the individualized boutique style experience.

Just as the area brings a unique and lovely variety in culture, so does our Livingston dental implant team. They share a variety of career backgrounds with a commonality of helping their dental implant patients get their smile back!


Monday - Friday
9am - 6pm

Contact Info

(973) 821-0030


201 S Livingston Ave. Suite 2A
Livingston, NJ 07039

Past Dental Implant Clients

What They Are Saying

MDIS Livingston Dental Implants 5 Star Rating Head Shot A

Esther O.

The staff is so friendly they make you feel comfortable when you walk in. Dr Roman is extremely experienced and doesn’t wait for you to call him but rather calls you to follow up how you doing after the service. I recommend anyone to this Dentist.

Our Livingston

Dental Implant Experts

Dentist Dr. Vishal Bhambri Livingston NJ

Dr. Vishal Bhambri’s mission is to provide his patients of all ages with ultimate comfort while being mindful of his patients’ goals and overall budget. He wants to make sure each patient he sees is treated comfortably. More specifically, his love and passion for food drives him to alleviate patients from dental pain. He feels for them, as he knows dental pain makes it extremely difficult to enjoy the flavors of the world.

Dr. Bhambri has received his degree as a doctor of dental medicine (DMD) from one of the top dental schools in the nation—Temple Dental University as well as his Bachelors in Science in Biology from Rutgers University. Furthermore, he continuously seeks out training and professional development opportunities that allow him to remain aware and knowledgeable about new dental practices and the latest technology being considered or used. Dr.Bhambri, for instance, is taking continuing education courses on dental implants and sedation courses to give all his patients the best standard of care! He recently attained a fellowship in dental implants from the world renowned MISCH RESNIK IMPLANT INSTITUTE.

In his free time, Dr. Bhambri enjoys watching basketball games, playing Texas Holdem Poker, reading leisurely, and spending quality time with his friends and family.

Managing Director Melanie

Melanie, Managing Director, brings over 23 years of experience in the dental profession, ranging from a licensed expanded functions dental assistant to Private Practice Consultant. Melanie’s background in teaching and leadership has proven to empower patients and office teams to obtain ongoing success.

​Melanie works alongside the MDIS® teams to ensure that every patient is treated with respect, the highest of dental care, and provided honest and fair treatment processes. Melanie encourages all patients to invest 30 minutes of their day if they are considering dental implants as their tooth replacement option, she has seen first-hand how this will allow patients to share in an experience that is informative and uplifting when sharing new smile options.


Dr. Roman Mogilevsky, received his undergraduate degree from University of Massachusetts Boston and his Master of Biomedical Sciences from Barry University. He graduated with his D.M.D. degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine with Honors. Dr. Mogilevsky received the American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons William H. Bell Award for the Class of 2019 for predoctoral achievement.

Dr. Mogilevsky completed the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Training Program 1-year internship at Rutgers University Hospital .

He has traveled to Uganda, Senegal, and Nicaragua with “A Reason to Smile” dentistry service trips. Dr. Mogilevsky loves to connect with his patients through humor and his love of languages. He is fluent in Russian and Spanish and conversational in Portuguese and Hebrew.

We Offer A Variety Of Financing Options in Livingston including CareCredit

Your Dream Smile Is Closer Than Ever

Dental Implants

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental implants are a form of tooth replacement option that involves surgically placing a small titanium post into the jawbone to serve as a sturdy anchor for a replacement tooth or a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, or denture. The titanium post, known as the implant, integrates with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration, which allows it to function as a stable and long-lasting foundation for the artificial tooth or teeth.
In order to determine whether or not you would be a candidate for dental implants requires an evaluation by a dental professional. While every smile and case is unique, Modern Dental Implant Solutions can create a customized comprehensive plan that will improve your smile.
At Modern Dental Implant Solutions we don’t have specific age restrictions for getting dental implants. The suitability for dental implants is determined more by the individual’s oral health and overall health condition rather than their age. However, we know there are extenuating circumstances in some cases and therefore, it’s truly a case by case basis.
The cost of dental implants can vary depending on several factors, including the location, the complexity of the case, the number of implants needed, any additional procedures required, and the specific dental provider. Generally, dental implant treatment is considered a significant investment in oral health and quality of life.
Dental implant coverage varies depending on the dental insurance plan. While some dental insurance plans may provide coverage for dental implants, it is important to note that many plans consider dental implants as elective or cosmetic procedures and may not cover them fully or at all. At Modern Dental Implant Solutions, we offer a variety of financing options in our best efforts to make your dream smile more affordable than ever. You shouldn’t have to compromise on quality care due to price.
Are you looking for one day dental implants? Yes, there are dental implant procedures that can be completed in a single day. This type of procedure is commonly referred to as “same-day dental implants” or “teeth in a day.” Same-day dental implants are typically suitable for individuals who have sufficient jawbone density and do not require additional procedures such as bone grafting. If you’re interested in single day implants be sure to contact the Modern Dental Implant Solutions team to schedule your consultation.

Finding a qualified dental implant specialist is critical to a successful outcome and the smile you’ve been dreaming about. It’s important to take these things into consideration:

  • Referrals
  • Research
  • Credentials / Qualifications
  • Experience / Success Rates
  • Second Opinions

Once you’ve taken all of that into consideration, schedule a consultation with your local dental implant provider at Modern Dental Implant Solutions.

Dental implants are easy to care for and can be cared for almost exactly like your natural teeth. Flossing and brushing will be the same, and you will want to continue your regular dental visits for cleanings and exams. In order to make sure the implant is fusing to the jawbone it is important to have your implants evaluated during the osseointegration process.

Affordable Dental Implants

Your Smile Matters