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What to Expect at Your Dental Implant Crown Impression & Placement Appointment

what to expect at your dental implant placement

After you have had the Implant itself placed and it has been allowed to heal for approximately 3-6 months, one of our Dr’s will take the necessary x-rays to determine if it is time for the Final Impression.    

If all looks good on the x-ray in regards to bone integration with the implant our Dr. and his team will take the Final Impression for the Dental Implant Crown. 

This appointment is generally about 1 hour in length.  The impressions of your teeth and implant abutment will be sent to the dental lab where they will fabricate your dental implant crown.  Approximately 3-5 weeks later we are ready to Insert your new Dental Implant Crown, the part that looks like your Tooth!

Placing the Implant Crown

At this stage, the dentist will insert the implant crown.  As mentioned, when possible, and dependent on patient’s specifics, a screw retained crown will be fabricated and inserted for the final implant crown. 

If the cement technique will be used, they will put dental cement inside the dental crown and place it over the implant. The patient will have to wait a few minutes for the cement to set. Any excess cement will be cleaned out, and the dentist will recheck the bite. If the screw mechanism will be used, the dentist will simply screw the dental crown over the abutment until it is firmly in place. Unlike a cement-retained dental crown, screwed-in crowns are easily removable.  This is typically the best practice implant crown of choice when possible. 

Congratulations, you can now smile and use your Implant and Implant Crown!

Complimentary Diagnostic Digital X-rays & Consultation

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Caring for Your New Dental Implant Crown

After placing the implant crown, our dentist will provide aftercare instructions, depending on the type of attachment mechanism used. Certain types of dental cement take hours to set, so our dentist might discourage using the dental crown for at least a day. Our dentist will also advise the patient to check their bite the following day when the cement has hardened fully and the numbness is gone. If the bite feels out of place, please contact our office for a quick bite adjustment appointment.